Public Meetings & Conferences

Mid-Dlam ghad-Dawl’s public meetings are occasions of special importance. They mark significant moments of development and public contact that reveal the organisation’s dynamic str ucture and its tackling of real problems and situations. Through these occasions Mid-Dlam ghad-Dawl has established itself firmly as the organisation in Malta that defends the interests of prisoners and their families.

All addresses given by Mid-Dlam ghad-Dawl on these occasions before the distiguished guests were prepared together with the prisoners themselves during Mid-Dlam ghad-Dawl’s weekly meetings at the prisons.


  • Platform ghall-Ghaqdiet fil-Habs :

    Nhar it-Tlieta 12 t’Awwissu, l-ghaqdiet li jahdmu mal-habsin fil-habs, i.e. Mid-Dlam Ghad-Dlam,  Prison Fellowship u RISE kienu mistiedna ghand il-President [...]

  • Laqgha mall-President

      Nhar il-Gimgha 2 ta’ Mejju l-ghaqda taghna flimkien mal-Fondazzjoni RISE konna mistednin ghand il-President tar-Repubblika, is-Sinjura Marie Louise Coleiro [...]

  • Zjara tal-Ministru Mallia

    Nhar il-Gimgha 6 ta’ Dicembru ghamel zjara lill-MDD il-Ministru tal-Intern Dr Manuel Mallia fejn gew diskussi materji li jikkoncernaw il-habs [...]

  • Konferenza fuq il-Habs

     Il-Gimgha 31 ta’ Mejju, il-Fondazzjoni MDD organizzat konferenza fejn is-segretarju parlamentari Owen Bonnici responsabbli mill-Ministeru tal-Gustizzja gie mistieden biex jitkellem [...]

  • REĊIDIVITA’: għaliex ?

    Fis-16 t’April 2010, il-Fondazzjoni Mid-Dlam Għad-Dawl organizzat il-konferenza pubblika fuq is-suġġett tar-Reċidivita’. Għal din il-konferenza kien hemm attendenza numeruża u [...]

  • Ex-Prisoners: Branded for ever!?

    April 10, 2008 Public Conference on the theme ‘Ex-Prisoners: Branded for ever!?’ St. James Cavalier, Valletta, Malta What real prospects [...]

  • Parole: Its time has come?

    March 1, 2006 Public Seminar on the theme ‘Parole: Its time has come?’ Millennium Chapel Complex, Paceville, Malta In collaboration [...]

  • Victims of Crime in Malta

    November 11, 2004 Working Seminar on the theme ‘Victims of Crime in Malta’ Paola Local Council, Paola, Malta This year’s [...]

  • Meeting on Home Leave

    November 2, 2001 Meeting on Home Leave St James Chavalier, Valletta “Home Leave” was a proposal Mid-Dlam ghad-Dawl made to [...]

  • Meeting on the Families of Prisoners

    April 21, 2001 Meeting on the Families of Prisoners Workers’ Memorial Building, Valletta All the other public meetings were organised [...]

  • Meeting on Equality and Justice

    December 18, 1998 Meeting on Equality and Justice Workers’ Memorial Building, Valletta In collaboration with the Malta John XXIII Peace [...]

  • Meeting on Victims and Crime

    May 8, 1998 Meeting on Victims and Crime Preluna Hotel, Sliema In collaboration with Guzè Ellul Mercer (G.E.M.) Foundation This [...]