Unfortunately for English-speaking readers, most of our publications are in Maltese. A translation of some of these, as indicated below, is being prepared. So check this page in the near future, or write to us and order the copy you desire in advance.

  • Jien, Manwel Dimech

    An abridged version of the life of Manuel Dimech, Malta’s great tragic hero who had been a prisoner for 20 [...]

  • Dimech

    A professional research about the life and times of one of Malta’s most outstanding social reformer and patriot, Manuel Dimech [...]

  • Il-Habs

    A fairly comprehensive overview of the prison system in Malta and, particularly, the Corradino Correctional Facility at Paola. Language: Maltese [...]

  • Tama Kontra kull Tama

    A profound reflection on the art of leadership. All it takes is listening, really listening. A must for all carers. Language: Maltese [...]

  • Daphne

    An amusing dialogue that answers four main objections brought against Mid-Dlam ghad-Dawl. Language: Maltese ISBN: 99932-26-03-3

  • L-Istorja Tal-Bidu

    The experience of the organisation Mid-Dlam ghad-Dawl during the first couple of years of its existence. Language: Maltese ISBN: 99932-26-01-7