1. There is hereby established a foundation Mid-Dlam għad-Dawl (pronounced: midlam ad-daul; and meaning From Darkness to Light).
  2. The foundation shall meet at any premises determined as its seat from time to time.
  3. The aims of the foundation shall be:
    1. to find better ways of living for prisoners during their detention;
    2. to help ex-prisoners in their needs; and
    3. to give support to the families of prisoners and ex-prisoners in the difficulties they face.
  4. Among the activities of the foundation there shall be:
    1. the betterment, by non-violent means, of the situation of prisoners, ex-prisoners, and their respective families;
    2. the communication to the general public of any kind of injustice or irregularity that prisoners suffer during their detention;
    3. the necessary pressure on responsible persons so that prisoners may have a dignified human existence during their detention;
    4. finding ways through which ex-prisoners can reintegrate themselves satisfactorily in society after their detention;
    5. giving support and aid to the families of prisoners and ex-prisoners; and
    6. giving an emotional and educational formation to ex-prisoners, their families, and to the families of prisoners.
  5. The foundation shall be administrated by an Executive Committee of not more than 7 persons, which will:
    1. consist of those persons that the Executive Committee itself will accept and approve from time to time according to the foundation’s needs and circumstances;
    2. include a Chairperson, a Deputy Chairperson, and any other official appointed by the Executive Committee;
    3. be presided by the Chairperson of the foundation or, in his or her absence, by any person designated by the Deputy Chairperson for that purpose;
    4. regulate its own proceedings; and
    5. have amongst its functions the duty of:
      1. determining the policy of the foundations with regard to the objectives stated above;
      2. determining the meetings of the foundation; and
      3. guaranteeing the necessary collaboration with other organisations, local and foreign, with regards to the objectives stated above.
  6. Amendments to this Statute may be proposed by the Executive Committee for the approval of the absolute majority of the members of the foundation.