Visit a Prisoner Scheme

A choice of personal fulfillment

Mid-Dlam ghad-Dawl is offering you the unique opportunity to visit a prisoner on a regular basis. You have the desire, we have the contacts. So let’s get together and strike up something beautiful. This may be a most rewarding experience, something you never had before.

“I was in prison and you came to see me.”
Jesus (Mt 25: 36)

You know, some prisoners feel quite abandoned. Some are far away from family and friends. They feel forgotten. They would need to talk. They would love a caring hand to pull out of their solitude. To overcome the pain and the loneliness. They need a generous heart that can make them feel human again. To make them feel respected, and wanted, and waited upon. They need someone to look forward to meet. To talk to. To share. To regain the joy of life. To fill their empty existence during the long hours of dark confinement.

What shall visiting a prisoner entail? This is an very important question you need to consider extremely well. Do NOT take the commitment if you know you’ll be unable to keep up with it.
So, before deciding, you have to consider two things: first, what the commitment entails in practice. Secondly, the Code of Ethics that you shall be expected to adhere to.

So, you’ve seen what responsibilities you shall have by being a visitor, and also what the Code of Ethics expects of you. Great. Now your act of love is just one further step ahead. All you have to do is to give us a call, or send us an email, and we shall take care of the rest.