Financial Support

Why do we ask for financial assistance?

We have been working indefatigably in the field of criminal justice for these last ten years. Our responsibilities were mostly supported and sustained by gratuitous donations by the public.


This helped us to:

• Endow particularly destitute prisoners with some monetary tokens;

• Contribute clothing and other personal supplies to exceptionally impoverished prisoners, especially women;

• Underwrite the requisite costs incurred in court cases of young prisoners caught up in complicated judiciary and penitentiary tangles;

• Aid indigent families of prisoners progress through some of their material exigencies; and

• Run the various other services of our organisation.


Our resources include:

  • Volunteers with ample experience in the field of criminal justice and the correctional services
  • Previous appointments to the Board of Visitors at the Corradino prisons
  • Collaboration with Government on projects of a general interest in the field of criminal justice
  • Support by, and collaboration with, foreign agencies inBritainand the Council of Europe
  • Experience in producing radio programs for prisoners and their families
  • Access to prisoners through weekly visits
  • Meetings with prisoners on an individual basis
  • Access to people in authority
  • Initiators of campaigns in favour of prisoners’ rights
  • Course conductors at the Corradino prisons
  • Meetings for families of prisoners
  • Annual public meetings
  • Activities for children and families of prisoners
  • Courses for volunteers