“Visit a Prisoner” Scheme

Some weeks back Mid-Dlam ghad-Dawl issued a call through the local papers to those who would have liked to make private visits to a male or female prisoner at the Corradino Correctional Facility. The initiative was taken since many prisoners, especially those of foreign origin, have no one to visit them. This fact adds, quite significantly, the anguish of incarceration. Acquiring he consciousness that someone cares for him or her, enough to make a visit once a week, a prisoner is encouraged, cares more for his or her own mental and physical state, and moreover shall have someone with whom to share his or her thoughts, joys and sorrows, and also his or her hope for the future.

To this call thirty persons answered. These had been asked to attend an introductory meeting at Dar it-Tama, Cospicua. During this meeting it was explained to them what was expected of them. At present four, including a couple, already began visiting regularly a prisoner assigned to them. Others are still going through the process of being issued a permit by the police. The procedure demands that the police inspector responsible for the case of a prisoner on remand issues a document stating that he has no objection for the visit to take place.

This procedure frequently creates many difficulties since it is difficult to get in contact with the inspector who has to issue the permit.

Since the demand on the part of prisoners is greater than the persons offering some of their time to visit them another call is planned for the near future. Those interested in this scheme may phone on 9982 7998 or 9946 3324.