Helsinki Conference on Victims of Crime

Two representatives of Mid-Dlam g]ad-Dawl, Fr. Mark Montebello and Ivan Cauchi, have just returned fromHelsinki(Finland) where they attended an inter-European conference about victims of crime. The conference, which was held between May 27 and 29, and was attended by 65 delegates from 20 European countries, was organised by Victim Support Europe (VSE; formerly the European Forum for Victim Services). The themes discussed included human rights and victims of crime, the welfare of those working with victims, hate and homophobic crimes, stalking, and cross-boarder trafficking in human beings. The executive of the European association, together with all the delegates at the conference, showed their satisfaction for the work being currently done in Malta by Mid-Dlam g]ad-Dawl in collaboration with government for the benefit of victims of crime.