Victims of Crime: Towards a better future

February 4 , 2005
on the theme
‘Victims of Crime: Towards a better future’
Robert Samut Hall, Floriana, Malta

This conference was addressed by some of the local heavy-weights in criminal justice, such as Dr Vincent Chief Justice De Gaetano, President Emeritus, Prof. Guido Demarco, and others. The participation of the publice was good, and media coverage was extensive. The other speakers were Dr Anton Felice (Director of the Malta Insurance Association), Dr David Zammit (Association for Human Rights), Dr Edward Saliba (specialist on victims’ rights), Dr Jacqueline Azzopardi (Institute for Forensic Studies of the University of Malta), and Dr Mark Montebello (Victim Support Malta). The conference was chaired by Ivan Cauchi, Coordintor of Mid-Dlam ghad-Dawl, and introduced by Rachel Agius, Coordinator of Victim Support Malta. George Busuttil, secretary of Mid-Dlam ghad-Dawl, was secretary to the conference. The occasion was a follow-up of the national seminar organised in November 2004 (see above). It dealt with the position of victims of crime within the criminal justice system. The conference was sponsored by CasanMamo Insurance.