A boy of 12 sent to Prison

Mid-Dlam għad-Dawl (MDD) protests most strongly against a case that was repeated in the space of just one month: a boy of 12 years of foreign descent was sent toMalta’s common prisons. Again, this decision is to be considered inhumane and cruel.

The protests that were raised a month ago after a 13-year old girl was sent to prison by the Juvenile Court did nothing to avoid this new imprisonment. These protests were raised by people from all walks of life, including some at the highest institutions of our country.

Notwithstanding, against any sense of correctness, the Maltese courts repeated their action just the same, and condemned a boy of just 12 years to the common prisons. This repetition demonstrates the gross disrespect that the Maltese courts have for the rights of children, but also for judiciary decency and prudence.

MDD once again insists that prison is no place for children. Society expects that the Maltese courts and the competent authorities should find other solutions for the difficult behaviour of some children. Prison must not be considered to be one of these solutions.

This imprisonment is also exposing our country to the ridicule of foreign countries and European institutions.