Meeting with the Hon. Dr Alfred Sant

March 7, 1997
Meeting with the Hon. Dr Alfred Sant
Prime Minister of Malta and Minister of Home Affairs
Eden Beach Hotel, St George’s

When this meeting was held, roughly a year after the first one, Dr Edward Fenech Adami and Dr Alfred Sant exchanged their official position. The former became Leader of the Opposition, and the latter Prim Minister. The meeting was held at the same venue, and organised upon the same lines, of the first meeting. With a difference, however. This time the new Prim Minister was invited to address the meeting. Dr Sant, in fact, read a policy speech on prison matters.

Again, as in the previous year, the Leader of the Opposition, H.G. the Archbishop, the acting prison Director (newly installed Peter Cordina), the Permanent Secretary for Home Affairs, the Shadow-Minister (Dr Tonio Borg), and members of the Prison Board were also present. A large number of relatives of families, and also ex-prisoners, participated in the meeting.

The high-light of this meeting was the Prim-Minister’s speech. The participants were all ears to discover the prison policies projected by the new man in office since the previous October, and none seemed to be disappointed.