Meeting on Victims and Crime

May 8, 1998
Meeting on Victims and Crime
Preluna Hotel, Sliema

In collaboration with Guzè Ellul Mercer (G.E.M.) Foundation

This join effort between Mid-Dlam ghad-Dawl and the Guzè Ellul Mercer Foundation was a huge success, particularly due to the large attendence of the general public. The meeting was built around the viewing of the film Weeds, which was shown to those present at the opening of the meeting. Afterwards, speeches were held, and a lively discussion followed. The general theme chosen for the meeting was: Society and Prisoners: Who is the victim of whom?

Those invited to talk at the meeting were Dr Mark Montebello on behalf of Mid-Dlam ghad-Dawl; Roberta Calleja (the wife of the prisoner Meinrad Calleja); the Assistant Commissioner of Police, John Rizzo; and the father of a murdered person, Emmanuel Segona. The discussion was under the direction of Fr Pierre Grech Marguerat S.J.