Meeting with the Hon. Dr Alfred Sant

June 12, 1998
Meeting with the Hon. Dr Alfred Sant
Prime Minister of Malta and Minister of Home Affairs
Grands Hotel Les Lapins, Tax-Xbiex

This was the second public meeting with Dr Sant in his capacity as Prim Minister of Malta and the Minister responsible for Home Affairs. Politically, it was a very turbulent time for Dr Sant, since his government was on the brink of collapse due to serious internal factions. Notwithstanding, the meeting was well-attended and successful. The venue was changed due to the fact that the Eden Beach Hotel, where the first two public meetings with the Prim Ministers were held, was being demolished for renovation. Again, the Prim Minister was invited to address the meeting, which was broadcasted direct on the national station Radio Malta One.

Also present at the meeting were the Shadow-Minister for Home Affairs, Dr Tonio Borg; the Permanent Secretary for Home Affairs, Louis Cilia; the acting prison Director, Peter Cordina; the chairperson of the Prison Board, Dr Mario Felice; and other distinguished persons. A large number of relatives of prisoners attended, and also ex-prisoners.

On the part of Mid-Dlam ghad-Dawl, the main speech was read by Rosette Spiteri, and the meeting was directed by Mid-Dlam ghad-Dawl’s Secretary, George Busuttil.

After the meeting, a wine and pizza treat was offered to those present.

The press gave good and satisfactory coverage of the whole occasion.