Substance Abuse Rehabilitation and Prison

The Foundation Mid-Dlam Ghad-Dawl (MDD) notes with pleasure the comments made by the President of Malta, Dr. George Abela at the graduation of a number of residents at San Blas. MDD believes in a society where the person, especially the weak and the vulnerable is empowered to develop his / her potential and reintegrate successfully into society.

MDD restates the feelings of the President that imprisonment is not the best solution when dealing with drug addicts. While aware of the many difficulties that a person with a past of addiction and who wants to start anew faces, MDD affirms that prison is not the right place for these people. MDD strongly believes that a national effort by all entities involved is needed for drug addicts to stop the abuse and change their habits to start anew.

Finally MDD congratulates all the residents who graduated from the programme and wishes them and their families a successful and fulfilling life. MDD also offers to do all it can in this fight against substance abuse so that no more lives are lost and these people can start afresh